Bryn Miller

Web Designer Expert Communicator Another Online Queer

A self-portrait of me sitting in Black Lotus Pizza in Bloomfield, Pittsburgh, PA.
  1 /* About Me */
  2 var pronouns = [
  3   ["they", "them", "theirs"],
  4   [ "she",  "her",  "hers" ]
  5 ]; // [INFO] Use both interchangeably!
  6 var age = 25;
  7 var location = "Pittsburgh, PA";
  8 var interests = [
  9   "free open-source software",
 10   "queer liberation and sexuality",
 11   "anarchy (relationship and otherwise)",
 12   "mental health advocacy",
 13   "indie & pop punk music"
 14 ];
 15 function screm() {
 16   console.log("AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA");
 17   screm(); // Scream eternally.
 18 }
A self-portrait of me standing in front of my personal logo, put into a giant Lite-Brite style pegboard.

I am transgender, sapphic, and polyamorous. If any of these things are an issue for you, f**k off do not bother interacting with me.

You can find my resume here and my personal blog here (or as the first link in the footer below). In addition, here's a list of stuff I've made:

Get in touch with me via email, preferably using my public key for encryption.

If you like my stuff, you'll probably like stuff from people near and dear to me, including:

Bryn's 88x31 pixel gif, a picture of her name and personal logo in green atop a blue circuit board with pulsing lights. A logo and wordmark for Debian, a popular Linux distribution. A gif of the trans pride flag with superimposed text which reads "Trans Your Gender" An image of the new polyamory pride flag, with a black circle superimposed on it containing a white relationship anarchy logo. The logo is a letter A "circled" by a heart shape. The logo for maia arson crimew, a cybersecurity expert and musician known in part for leaking the TSA's No-Fly List. The logo is of a cartoon-style cream-colored cat, and the URL "" is written beside it. A stylized logo for, a web brower game. A 90's-style globe logo with a floppy disk in front of it on a Windows 98-style grey background. Black text to the right reads "Classic HTML: Sane, Simple" A black background with alternating green text that reads "Keep the web Free, say NO to Web 3" Green text with a green border on a black background that reads "ISO 8601" on top and "YYYY-MM-DD" below. Black text on an orange background that reads "88x31 Micro Button"