Bryn Miller ^^

Computer Person Expert Communicator Another Online Queer

A picture of me walking down on a sidewalk in a purple tank top. I have hair that fades from a deep sea blue to a forest green falling down the right side of my face, with my natural brown hair showing in a buzz cut on the left side. I wear blue glasses frames, a green septum piercing, and a silver stud nostril piercing with an emerald-colored gem on it. I am also wearing a grey IKEA backpack.
/* About Me */
let bryn = Person {
    name: "Bryn Miller".to_string(),
    pronouns: vec![
        vec!["they", "them", "their", "theirs"],
        vec!["she",  "her",  "her",   "hers" ]
    age: 26_u8,
    // If I get older than 255 I'll be VERY surprised.
    location: CityState {
        city: "Pittsburgh".to_string(),
        state: State::PA
    interests: vec![
      "free open-source software",
      "queer liberation",
      "ethical non-monogamy and polyamory",
      "mental health advocacy",
      "indie/alternative music"

I am an anarchist in relationships and gender identity alike. Computer skills are the only binary thing about me, and the only things more gorgeous than my code are the queer folks I date.

You can find my resume here. In addition, here's a list of stuff I've made:

A self-portrait of me sitting at a booth, wearing a black crop top with a classic lumberjack-style flannel, a grey beanie, a rainbow pride necklace, and a bracelet with beads in the colors of the non-binary pride flag. The hair that's visible is a light brown, save for a streak in the front that's a slightly-faded teal.

A picture of me in a flannel, looking away from my electric drum kit and removing a pair of headphones.

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